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Referrals are one of the best ways to build a sustainable business. Are they that hard to get? How can you build a referral machine in your own business? On this episode, our guest Gayle Zientek shows us how she built a referral based business by practicing social media listening and sending out personalized cards.

I don’t send cards to people to get business. But business comes because I send cards to people, because of how I make people feel as they interact with us. -Gayle Zientek

Three Things We Learned

1. Act on a prompting

Choose a type of interaction with the people in your database and act on a prompting. Comment on their successes, and contact them when they’re in need. Aim for at least 5 interactions and one meaningful conversation every day.

2. Use social media in an intentional manner

Look for important events that should be mentioned. Ask for their mailing address, and send them a card with photos of their friends, family, or themselves. This subtle reminder that someone took the time to think about them will increase your chances of being remembered.

3. Show gratitude

After you’ve received referrals from the people in your database, don’t hesitate to surprise them with a small gift or a card that expresses your gratitude.

Key Quotes

I will remember you to other people, and that’s the key. -Gayle Zientek

Showing people that you care about their accomplishments, special moments, or grief builds strong relationships, and strong relationships are the key to repeat and referral business. Doubled by the law of reciprocity, sending out personalized cards with the photos of the receiver or a loved one on the card helps make a lasting impression. That’s how you stand out in this business.

Guest Bio

Gayle Zientek started her real estate company with her husband in Southwest Michigan. Today, she is a successful realtor with over 15 years of experience and the owner of the Realtors business by referral send-out cards Facebook group.

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