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LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a digital version of your resume, you can bring it to life. What are some of the new strategies you can employ to go viral? What should your goal be with your content? Do people prefer polished content or something more unscripted? On this episode, LinkedIn expert Tracy Enos is back to drop more knowledge on making LinkedIn work for you.

Storytelling has always been great in marketing, it draws people in. -Tracy Enos

Three Things We Learned

The less it’s scripted the better

People like unscripted sharing because it makes you more human and approachable. It also allows you to show off your own personality which is great.

Don’t skip the basics

The foundation of any good strategy is knowing your prospect, defining them according to demographics and psychographics and building a profile up based on that information. Only start your marketing once you’ve done that.

Take time to learn from the people doing it right

One of the things a lot of us skip when we start a new strategy is actually taking the time to find out who is doing it well. It’s an important step because it helps us have a better understanding of what we’re trying to do, and then we can model our strategy accordingly.

Key Quotes

There’s an art to curating somebody else’s content, aggregating it and putting your own spin on it. -Tracy Enos

Everything comes back to doing the basics exceptionally well. -Matt Johnson

The goal of LinkedIn is for you to connect with and grow your market, so don’t get too caught up on going viral. Take the time to showcase your authority and the vulnerability of not being perfect, people are really into that. If you get yourself in front of the camera and it’s off the cuff and there’s no professional studio, you will get a more positive response. Make sure your profile is human, but don’t forget to use it as a marketing tool so include things like calls-to-action in your posts. You’ll be surprised how many leads you can get.

Guest Bio

Tracy is a LinkedIn Business Development expert & B2B Lead Generation Consultant. Go to, or email

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