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Most people in the industry talk down to people who want to focus on buyers, but our guest has a different perspective. Is it possible to scale up the buyer side and home showings? What value does it bring to both the buyers and the agent? How can scaling up a buyer business allow you to kill many birds with one stone? On this episode, Lauren Taylor answers these questions and shares her winning strategy.

We want things that are systemized and standardized. If it can save time, effort, energy and make you more money, why would I not want to do that?– Lauren Taylor

Three Things We Learned


Play to your strengths

Most people try to be jacks of all trades in business and spend time trying to get better at their weaknesses instead of doubling down on their strengths. It’s so much better to excel at one thing than it is to be mediocre at many.


There’s a difference between a virtual showing and a virtual tour

Remember that people don’t want a super-edited, high quality video, they want the nitty gritty. They want to get the authentic and actual showing which would feel like it would when they are with an agent, viewing the house in person.  


Think virtual listing presentation and save time

Agents have so many things happening at once. What if you could create a video of your best listing presentation, how would that save you a lot of time? If you did that, by the time you’re showing up to the prospect’s house you’re just converting, conditioning and putting a price on the house.

Key Quotes

It’s almost impossible to scale the buyer pipeline as traditional agents do it today, unless you want to build a team.– Lauren Taylor

You don’t have to do 100 things good, you have to do one thing great. – Lauren Taylor

If 30 seconds of video is worth 1.8 million words, this tells you just how powerful the medium is. The consumer is ready for virtual reality, and it can actually be implemented easily. Video walk-throughs and virtual viewings are a powerful way to leverage video and save time. The first actual walk-through that you do with the client will actually be the second time they see the house, so it will more likely be what they really want. You will also be creating something that can be used multiple times vs. an in person showing that is only for that one time. All this saves time and makes life convenient for everyone involved.

Guest Bio

Lauren is a REALTOR®, and owner & CEO of Savvy Homes Portal. For more info, go to


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