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Every agent is going to come across some sort of objection about whether they are really the best person to help the prospect sell their house. How do you empower yourself to handle these objections like a pro? When it comes to leads, why is quality more important than quantity? How do you go about setting goals to make your future better and brighter? On this episode, we answer these and other questions in a live Q&A.

What it comes down to in every circumstance, is your ability to convert because there is a large plethora of opportunities no matter which way you turn.– Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned


When it comes to leads, quality trumps quantity

It’s easy to feel good about having a long list of potential leads, but how solid are they and how likely are they to actually become real business? It is far better to have one solid lead a day than 10-15 lukewarm ones. Always go after the highest quality leads you can get, not the highest number.


You Aren’t Immune to Objections, So Be Prepared

It’s not uncommon to come across a prospect who ask questions about whether or not you’re qualified to sell their house and provide the best service. You can’t shy away from those moments. You have to arm yourself with good objection handlers, and resources like a solid listing package to show that you’re worth your salt as an agent.


Videotape Yourself in the Mirror as You Practice Scripts

Newer agents often have a hard time with the tonality of scripts and body language. By watching yourself, you can start to improve these things and communicate in a much better way. For example, pointing at someone can come across as an aggressive gesture. Instead, extend your hand with your palm facing up. It relaxes people and makes you more inviting to be around.

Key Quotes

Your actions are going to give you your results, your results are going to reinforce your belief and your potential.– Greg McDaniel

What are you going to do on a consistent basis to build habits?– Greg McDaniel

You can not push a seller out of a house but you can draw them out. You do however, have to work with someone who has a want, need and desire to make a move or buy a piece of property. If a lead is lukewarm, it’s so much better to find someone who is ready to make a move. Rather than stock up on a whole lot of lukewarm leads, find the people that are most likely to become actual business. You have to have the ability to identify the right people and zoom in on the ones that need your service right now.


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