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There are 76 million people subscribed to Amazon Prime, and 55% of all Black Friday purchases were done through Amazon. Does the platform represent competition to the current real estate model? Is something going to come along and make the process easier or more seamless? If so, how do you protect your business? On this episode, Nick Sakkis is back to talk about where tech is going and how you can leverage it.


The only way to survive this technology influx happening right now is to surround your database with as much knowledge and care as you possibly can. – Nick Sakkis


Three Things We Learned

Go with Instagram if you want organic reach

It’s hard to compete on Facebook if you don’t have money to advertise, so if you’re working with a limited budget, go for Instagram instead. The platform still gives people a chance to get their content in front of people without paying for it.


Don’t post things that will take people off Facebook

Facebook rewards native content, so when you post your content to the platform without links to an external site you are actually more likely to have better engagement. You don’t just have to post short stuff, long-form content also does well on the site.


Record yourself everyday to get over your fear of the camera

Video is scary, and for most people this fear completely puts them off recording. If you want to overcome it, start recording yourself every single day, you don’t have to publish. In two weeks you’ll be comfortable enough to go live.


Key Quotes

Not documenting your journey in 2017 is one of the biggest mistakes because people need to know what’s going on.– Nick Sakkis

Snapchat and Instagram are popular because our attention span is shrinking.– Nick Sakkis

Now more than ever, it is very apparent that being in the places your customers are, letting them know what you’re doing, and how the business works is so crucial. Nobody wants someone who hides behind a business card, so take the mask off and show that you’re a real person. There are so many tools you can leverage to provide value to your audience. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, if you can find your audience there – you will create business for the long-term.

Guest Bio

Nick is the co-founder of the Sakkis Group, Nick acquired his real estate license in 2005 where he worked for Prudential Tropical Realty. Nick was born and raised in South Tampa, attending local schools, including St. John’s Greek Orthodox Day school, Plant High School and Hillsborough Community College. Growing up as a two sport athlete Nick developed a strong sense of what it takes to win and be successful. He has brought that same level commitment and perseverance to his real estate business. Go to for more information or join his Facebook group Real Estate Marketing Rockstars


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