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Most people aren’t responsible for their calendars and spend time wondering why they can’t reach their goals. What are the biggest reasons people don’t respect and value their calendars? How do you reign in expectations when people inevitably ask you to do more than they are paying you to do? What is the problem with being a person who reacts instead of being a person who responds? On this episode, we are joined by rockstar coach, Hank Avink who will help you transform your calendar, increase the predictability of your income and get your freedom back.


Make the pain of not following your schedule better than the pain of following it.– Hank Avink


Three Things We Learned

Get out of the scarcity mindset and actually set higher standards for the people you want to work with


People get led around by their neck because they have the scarcity mindset and they’re afraid that if they don’t do everything their client wants and needs, they’re going to be let go and they’re not going to get the deal. Have standards, set the expectation at the beginning, get out of the scarcity mindset and stop working with clients who are the wrong fit.


Ask yourself what you’re numbing your existence with


We all have vices that we numb ourselves with, and for a lot of us it’s alcohol. A lot of real estate agents are high functioning alcoholics, who are using booze to avoid facing themselves and dealing with their issues, and these are some of the things that get in the way of you managing your schedule and calendar in a better way.  


Don’t Let the Freedom of the Business Derail You


A lot of people got into the business for freedom, but they end up achieving absolutely nothing because they take advantage of the freedom, and become wishy-washy with their time management. The truth is, if you take advantage of your time freedom you won’t reach financial freedom. Never underestimate the compounding effect of your decisions.


Key Quotes

Some of the best deals that you’ll do are the deals that you don’t.– Hank Avink

One of the symptoms of not caring about our goals enough is time management.– Matt Johnson

It’s so easy to keep ourselves busy with what seems like work, when it’s actually not bringing in income. Some people are more used to reacting than they are to responding, and this impacts their calendars in a negative way. The truth about your schedule is that it reflects your priorities. If you take the agent that’s intentional with their calendar, and one who just reacts, you can bet your bottom dollar the former is going to have a higher net income. People want to do things that feel good and not the things that make them money, so try aligning the things that make you money with the things you love so you don’t just react. When we react, we don’t get predictable results.

Guest Bio

Hank is the Founder and Head Coach of National Coaching League. He is also a realtor in the Kalamazoo, Portage, Richland and Schoolcraft area. Find him on Facebook to get in touch about coaching.


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