Real estate is the one industry that despite its astronomical earning potential, has many people not taking it seriously. What does it take to start getting the results you want? What are the things we would do differently if we started over? How does company culture evolve on its own? On this episode, we are joined by Dan Beer, who gives awesome insights on these topics.

A business is a living breathing organism that needs to mature, grow, exercise and develop habits, you have to treat it like it’s a person and nurture it. -Dan Beer

3 Things We Learned

If you were an employer and had to evaluate yourself, would you keep yourself or fire yourself?
If you want to know if what you’re bringing to the table is good enough, think of yourself as an employer with someone like you working for them. Would you fire yourself or keep working if you evaluated yourself honestly? This is the standard you should bring to your work.

Establish one system at a time
Most business owners make the mistake of being too scattered and trying to implement too many systems at the same time. This doesn’t work because it’s like trying to push too many rocks up a hill at once. People don’t want to obsessively focus on one system at a time until they get it right, but this is what will help them succeed.

Your business is a direct and accurate expression of who you are
Entrepreneurs have 100% control over the kind of business they build which is a gift and a curse. It means that your business will take on your personality, and reflect your habits, fears and hang ups. Most people’s businesses won’t change unless something forces them to change perspective.

Rise Above the Average

What you’re seeing around you is a manifestation of average, so to succeed you have to rise above this and become obsessed with the systems that work. It’s all about systematically layering in permanent habits into your business, establishing one system at a time, developing strong core values and nurturing your business because it is a living thing. The heartbeat and rhythm will dictate what it’s going to feel like to work in your business.

Guest Bio

Daniel Beer is the CEO/Owner of Beer Home Team at Keller Williams, and a real estate coach. Daniel and his team are ranked as one of the Top 150 Teams in the U.S.A. per The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends. They are also recognized as the #1 real estate team in Southern California for Keller Williams Realty. Go to or for more information.

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