It can be very hard for different DISC profiles to get along, let alone work together. How do you find common ground when you have very different ways of approaching tasks? How can high Ds work with Ss and Cs? How can you be more observant to how other profiles are responding to your approach? On this episode, we are joined by agent and coach Philip Simonetta who shares how to align with people you are different from.

The second people realize that you’re authentic and you truly want to leave them off better, it’s not even a sale anymore, and there’s no competition. -Phillip Simonetta

3 Things We Learned

When you say “you don’t know me yet” to someone, it makes them want to get to know you
A great script to use on phone calls and voicemails is introducing yourself and telling people that they don’t know you yet. This will get their attention and make them actually want to find out who you are.

Your goal should be to leave people better off than you find them
When it comes to building a team and being a good employer and even a good agent, it’s important to be of value and work with the goal of making people’s lives better. If you lead with this, you won’t even need to make a sale because your authenticity comes across quickly.

Working with S and Cs: Slow down, soften towards them and let them see you being yourself
It can be hard for a high D to relate to the high S and C because their approaches are so different, and an S and C can easily shut down if it feels like they’re being pushed too aggressively. Learn to slow down and soften to accommodate them.

Everyone is Different

It’s important to remember that people are different. They approach things differently and require different communication approaches. When you’re a high D trying to understand a high I, use your ability to adapt to get in their shoes, and start seeing the world from their perspective. Ss can be stubborn and easily shut down if you’re too aggressive, so soften and observe so you can change your approach accordingly.

Guest Bio

Phillip is the founder of The Simonetta Group of Charles Rutenberg Realty based in The Suntrust Building in the heart of Miami. He is also the Founder of Top Agent Academy which is the world’s first real estate apprenticeship program that creates producing real estate agents across the United States. Go to, and find @real_estate_lifestyle_ on Instagram for this reality show.

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