If you think sending an email a month is enough to effectively market to your database, think again. What do you need to do in order to be in front of the right people consistently? Why is Facebook Messenger the new email? How can you find the right people to feed into your database? On this episode, agent and marketing expert Nick Sakkis goes deep on building a wall around your database with good marketing.

I think most Realtors should crumple up the money they spend trying to generate cold leads. -Nick Sakkis

Takeaways + Tactics

Build a wall around your database by running Facebook ads to them. This creates the appearance that you’re “everywhere” for as little as $5/day.

People are continually chasing after the cold leads, but the real money is in the people who already know, like and trust you.

Build your Facebook Messenger list as large as possible, open rates for FB messages are 70-80% right now. Speak to people in the channel they want to be in.

$5 a day

At the start of the show, we talked about how Nick got started and why we’re a demand generation. Next we talked about how powerful $5 a day on Facebook advertising can be so effective. We also spoke about the power of building a wall around your crowd and how to get in front of the right people in the first place.

We also shared insights on;

  • The truth about email open rates
  • How to get in front of the right people
  • How to get people to opt into your Facebook Messenger

Target with Facebook

If marketing was basketball, Facebook would be your point guard. Target a high number of people with exactly what they want and you’ll succeed. You’ll gain the advantage of having people come to you in their time of need, instead of you constantly having to go out and prospect all the time. Learn to build a relationship with the right people and then build a wall around the people who know, like and trust you. If you can’t afford to spend $5/day to target the people that know, like and trust you that will be around for as long as you’re around, just get another job.

Guest Bio

Nick is the co-founder of the Sakkis Group, Nick acquired his real estate license in 2005 where he worked for Prudential Tropical Realty. Nick was born and raised in South Tampa, attending local schools, including St. Johns Greek Orthodox Day school, Plant High School and Hillsborough Community College. Growing up as a two sport athlete Nick developed a strong sense of what it takes to win and be successful. He has brought that same level commitment and perseverance to his real estate business. Go to http://www.sakkisgroup.com/ for more information.

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