Facebook is something nearly everyone in the world uses and has access to. But how can you use it to grow your own business? What’s the role of authenticity and being honest to the people you sell to? And why should you hold on to your sarcasm and start taking yourself a bit less seriously? We sit down with best-selling author Ryan Stewman to talk about his experience with Facebook expansion, how his background influenced his business style, and much more.

Sarcasm is a snippet of the truth buried in comedy. -Ryan Stewman

Takeaways + Tactics

Business rewards people who make mistakes.

Don’t let your money lay around – put it to work and check your accounts daily.

People don’t want YOU. If you want to aggressively expand your real estate business, sell the HOUSE.

Elevator to the Top

We started the show with a bit of Ryan’s background and how his lifestyle helped him build his business style. Then Ryan talked about his latest investment on Amazon and how this helps him make 3 grand a day. We also mentioned the benefits of buying successful, well-priced shares in big companies. Afterwards, we moved on to talk about Facebook ads and what Ryan’s learned about aggressively expanding through working for a lot of businesses. He shared his best tactics about marketing and keeping in touch with possible leads.

Finally, Ryan gave some more information about his new best-selling book, Elevator to The Top.

We also shared insights on;

  • Building a business debt-free
  • How to keep the hustle going
  • Proving your value to your market by selling a house
  • Assets you can acquire that will grow your profit
  • The importance of honesty and authenticity
  • Tactics for growing your business through Facebook
  • How is sarcasm useful in business


Take any opportunity you can find to grow and expand your business. Think about how you can present yourself to your audience – normally authenticity and honesty are your best tactics. Facebook will help you reach a lot of people, however you need to prove your value and show them why they need you to help them. Find what makes you unique and cash in on it to get those deals.

Finally, if you have some money, don’t just leave it sitting around. Consider all your investment opportunities. And remember that even if it looks as if they won’t get you anywhere, they will pay off sooner or later.

Guest Bio

Ryan Stewman is a salesman and 4x best selling author. In January of 2012, Ryan registered HardcoreCloser.com and started teaching loan officers how to use social media to gain business from real estate agents. In the first year he did over 150k in gross sales. Year 2 came to over 300k in gross sales. As of 2016, which is year 4, Ryan has closed over 2 million in gross sales. Now Ryan teaches people from all sales fields across all industries, how to sell online. To find out more about Ryan, visit ryanstewman.com /span>

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