Uncomfortable phone conversations are part of the daily routine of any agent. How do you make sure to own your leads and secure those appointments? What are the best ways to unpack some of the most common excuses? What’s the difference in how we treat different types of leads? In this episode, we join CEO of Smart Inside Sales and coach, Dale Archdekin to learn some legendary phone skills.

If you’re working with somebody who hasn’t bought and sold homes before, or hasn’t done it in a long time, it’s much easier to get that appointment. -Dale Archdekin/span>

Takeaways + Tactics

You need to know the unique headspace of each type of lead you call.

Overcome objections by Chasing the NO. Go deeper into the rabbit hole with them.

In between each phone call, give yourself a power statement or a mantra such as “This is the call. They are waiting for me to call.”

Communication is Key

We started off the episode with Gene Volpe’s tech tip of the week – using banner videos on your Facebook page to promote your business. Dale then joined us to give us some of his top tips about lead generation. Afterwards, we talked about the new trends in recruitment among top teams. We then got into the main mistakes young salespeople make when they get started on the phone. We agreed that communication is key and organic conversations are a lot more fun. We then roleplayed a common rejection script and we went to talk more about rejections.

Then we discussed working with buyer leads and offering good incentive. Then Dale gave some unique advice on how ISAs can be more effective when going after different types of leads. Finally, Dale suggested some great pre-phone routines.

We also shared insights on;

  • Lead generating with ISAs
  • The problems with the 100% commission model
  • The role of body language
  • Using rejection to your benefit
  • Unpacking the “I have to talk to my wife” excuse
  • Two-step listing presentations

Chase the No; Unpack It

Objections are never pleasant, however you can use them to your benefit. When a lead says no, don’t just give up, but try unpack it. Ask them why they’re saying no and then see what you can do to change their mind, to offer them what they might be missing. Start seeing a rejection as an opportunity, rather than failure. Furthermore, always remember that different groups of leads have different experiences.

You can’t treat a first-time seller and a FSBO in the same way because they have a completely different view of real estate agents. Modify your script to suit every individual group. Finally, don’t focus too much on your scripting. Own the conversation and listen to what the other person is saying and you’ll find not only more success but also that you’re enjoying the call a lot more.

Guest Bio

Dale Archdekin is CEO of Smart Inside Sales, a lead generation and real estate coaching company. Dale is currently the Director of Lead Generation for one of the top 10 teams with Keller Williams Realty. Dale uses his 15+ years of experience as a telephone prospector in various industries and his many years of inside sales management experience to successfully guide other agents and companies through the many difficulties of creating a productive and profitable inside sales department. Find out more about Dale and Smart Inside Sales at http://smartinsidesales.com

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