In this special audio episode we’re joined by veteran real estate trainer and speaker Scot Kenkel.
Scot has a very interesting background, he started by immediately disrupting the industry’s business model and building a team modeled after the home improvement company model.

Scot shares his approach to building relationships with prospects and providing value, which allowed him to use calling assistants to set appointments for his agents and dominate listings in his area in a very short period of time. Scot went on to train other teams and brokerages these same concepts, and now shares his message through his podcast How to Sell More Houses and his Painless Prospecting workshop.

Here are your 3 key takeaways from this episode:

1. Why leads are like meth to average real estate agents
2. How you should focus on bringing value in your prospecting instead of focusing on outcomes like appointments or listings
3. Why you shouldn’t count on your broker for much of anything


Scot’s Website and back episodes of How to Sell More Houses:

Painless Prospecting Workshop: enter the word UNCENSORED to receive a special discount on the workshop

Here are the show notes with timestamps so you can jump to the sections that interest you most:

[1:30] Scot’s background as an investor and then as team leader and his successful experience bringing the home improvement business model into real estate
[6:15] How Scot’s approach enabled him to take more listings than his entire office combined, and how he dealt with the blowback from agents in his office
[9:30] How most brokers treat their agents with a hands-off approach, and in the process, putting clients at risk by allowing their agents to be untrained, unsupervised and unsupported
[13:15] Scot’s ideal real estate training system- an apprenticeship model – and why the current system is broken compared to other systems that use independent contractors as salespeople
[22:30] Why showmanship and consultative sales is the highest value skillset in the industry, and why that role must be separated from the lead generation/appointment setting role
[27:50] The easiest way brokers can immediately raise the productivity of their office, and why leads are like meth – the ultimate leverage over agents in your office
[34:00] Why the recruiting process for a new agent should include a 60-90 day apprenticeship relationship in which they start to build skills, including appointment setting and door-hanging, all of which can be done without a license
[39:30] The 2nd stage of the apprenticeship process – going with a listing agent to observe 10 listing appointments, so they learn through observation and review, then leading the next 10 appointments with review by the mentor agent
[43:00] Why agents should have to prove their ability to build rapport and change behavior – and why you should conduct an initial phone interview with a prospective agent to test those abilities
[48:50] How to get Scot’s Painless Prospecting workshop and special discount for Real Estate Uncensored listeners

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