This special audio episode features Aaron Wittenstein, KW agent in Westchester NY and founder of the popular Facebook group Lead Gen Scripts & Objections.
Aaron and Greg talk expired listing prospecting, which makes up around 40% of Aaron’s business, and do some live role play, including a section where Greg plays a “Jerk” expired listing and Aaron overcomes the objections to set the appointment.

[1:45] Aaron’s early years in real estate and breaking into a new market in New York with Expired’s
(Aaron got ZERO results in the first 3 months, and then exploded with 8 listings in the next month)
[3:30] The origins of the Lead Gen Scripts & Objections Facebook Group
[7:14] Why Expired’s are still 70% of Aaron’s listing business while he expands into FSBO’s, probate and referrals
[10:25] How Aaron knows that every “NO” he hears is worth $287
[11:41] Why follow-up is more important to taking Expired listings than scripts
[13:35] LIVE role-play of an Expired follow-up call with Aaron and Greg
[15:55] The closing script Aaron ALWAYS uses and why he doesn’t follow the conventional wisdom of giving two appointment options
[17:50] Role-play of an initial Expired call
[21:35] Role-play of a JERK homeowner on an initial Expired call
[24:00] Psychology of an Expired seller and getting past the initial resistance
[28:55] Pre-qualifying scripts an Expired for an appointment, and using one key script to get an instant read on their DISC personality profile and adjust how your communication
[32:50] Aaron’s method for getting seller’s more realistic on price, and Greg’s “Three-Price Method” script for talking price and reading their personality at the same time
[36:05] How Aaron sets expectations with seller clients to set up price reductions, and why he refers to reducing price as “modifying the price,” a HUGE tip on phrasing
[39:03] “You don’t have to be better than anybody, you just have have to be more consistent than everybody.”

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