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Washington broker Preston Zeller joins us to share the top 10 elements of a great headshot and common mistakes agents make in their headshot.

Takeaways + Tactics

What you look for in a headshot is probably not what your clients look for

Smiling with teeth dramatically raises your likeability factor

Clothing (or lack of professional clothing) does the most harm to your credibility and trust factors

We start with a question on the ethics and pros/cons of “coming soon’ listings. Both Greg and Preston agree that there’s nothing wrong morally or ethically in promoting the listing in advance. As long as you’re doing your fiduciary duty of attempting to get the seller the highest price and best terms in the shortest amount of time, there should be no issue with coming soon marketing.

Then we dive into the elements of a great headshot, including:

No obstruction of the eyes
Smile with teeth

Preston tested his own headshot using an app called PhotoFeeler, where the public votes on profile photos and gives real feedback you can use to choose your best photos. Check out the app at

Some of the more surprising results of Preston’s headshot testing were the fact that squinting your eyes helps convey likeability and confidence, and that full body shots were voted very low compared to head-and-shoulders shots. Preston also noted that if you use the PhotoFeeler app, it’s important to wait till you get at least 40 votes before drawing any conclusions.

Preston also shared the early results of interviews he’s conducted with executives and founders of 4 different virtual reality startups. Some of the possibilities include “virtual home tours” where you can view properties in full 3d, tour multiple properties and even make offers without ever setting foot in the home. At the very least it limits the amount of homes an agent has to show in person. However, it also affects the perception of the value of a Realtor, forcing us to explain how our value is in the negotiation and transaction management, not the opening of doors.

With all the changes coming soon in virtual reality, live video and our entire existence being documented online, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Get comfortable with video, get high quality and effective headshots that convey the right qualities. This allows prospective clients to get comfortable with you in the online world so they’re more likely to contact you and work with you in the real world.

Guest Bio

Preston Zeller is a real estate broker in Vancouver, WA in the greater Portland area. Preston comes from a family of real estate entrepreneurs, including builders, developers and investors. Prior to his real estate career, Preston started his own digital marketing consultancy, offering web design, branding and video production. Learn more about Preston at and send referrals to him via email.

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